The first episode of the mindful diary podcast

Last week I had an idea.
That’s not uncommon. I have about 2 or 3 new ideas every day. Ideas for recipes, plot lines and future projects.
Most of these ideas never make it any further than my tiny apartment. Thank god for that. Some of them are not that great.
Sometimes I realise they are bad. Sometimes they are simply forgotten.
But most of the time I overthink things which causes me to never take any action.
But last week it was different.
My idea was to start a podcast about my journey towards learning how to live in the moment.
I decided that this time I wasn’t going to think about it. I didn’t take my notebook to write the idea down. I didn’t do research on other podcasts about this topic. And I didn’t watch videos on how to start a podcast channel.
No, this time I decide to follow professor Nike’s motto: just do it.
And so here it is: the very first episode of my podcast.

The quality might not be very high, but it’s a start.
I wanted to focus on getting it out there, instead of spending hours upon hours of time editing the result.
I want the podcast to reflect my journey, which is living without ego.
This episode is a quick introduction, and I already have a new idea for the second episode.
Funny how everything works out, the second you stop overthinking it.

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