5 inspirational documentaries on Netflix

Sick of watching episodes of Friends on Netflix? Here are 5 great documentaries to watch next time.

Ram Dass, Going Home (2017)

“My stroke pushed me inside, and it’s wonderful. I don’t wish you the stroke, but I wish you the grace of the stroke,” says Ram Dass in this short documentary. We see the old man, once an iconic spiritual teacher, in the final chapter of his life. Although he is paralysed on one side of his body, he is mentally stronger than ever. Ram Dass shares his wisdom about suffering and absolute awareness.

First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon (2016)

In 2014 a group of anthropologists go deep in the Amazon. To their surprise they encounter a group of people that belong to an indigenous tribe, one that has been untouched by outsiders. This first meeting was filmed and is shown in the documentary First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon. The interesting part of this insightful little film is the struggle of the indigenous people when they try to make sense of the outside world.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2015) 

Joshua Fields Millburn and his life-long friend, Ryan Nicodemus, are the simple-living duo ‘The Minimalists’. Their documentary is really an introduction for anybody who is curious about minimalism. It’s the revolutionary idea to buy less stuff, in a time where things like Black Friday and Christmas shopping are basically forcing you to spend money.

One of Us

When three young people decide to leave their community, they have to bare the horrific consequences. They were raised in the Hasidic jewish community of New York, where the strict rules terrorised their life. The documentary follows a 32-year old woman, forced to marry at 19 and stuck in an abusive marriage. When she finally leaves her husband, she is shunned and forced to give up custody of her 7 children. Another story is that of Ari, who talks about the sexual and physical abuse that goes on in the Hasidic community. He never used internet and is eager to learn everything about the world on Wikipedia and Google. The hardest part is seeing these young people fighting to find a place outside their sheltered community, even though the odds are against them.

Franca: Chaos & Creation (2016)

Meet Franca Sozzani, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. A stubborn and rebellious woman who brought her controversial ideas to fashion. While other fashion magazines were often boring and commercial, Vogue Italia got the reputation to be more about art and ideas than commercial success. All because of Franca. She smashed the framework and shook up the concept with dynamic covers and pictures. A strong and fearless woman who build a successful career despite the chaos surrounding her. 

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