The end of summer

While I was putting a playlist together, I realised that my memories of summer always involve a specific song.

In 2015 it was Supersymmetry by Arcade fire. It’s a song about grieving the death of a loved one and it absolutely fascinated me. Supersymmetry is the concept in physics where every time a particle moves, another particle elsewhere moves in the same way. No matter where a particle’s partner is in the universe, they are still linked and their movements effect each other. A comforting thought for an aching soul that misses somebody.

In 2016 it was How big, how blue, how beautiful by Florence + the machine. In this song Florence Welch describes the blue sky of Los Angeles. She sings that ‘every city was a gift and every skyline was a kiss upon the lips‘. I spend the summer of 2016 in California, eating quesadillas and drinking Disaronno and listening to Florence + the machine. It reminds me of the absolute freedom I felt and how much I enjoyed that place.

In 2017 it was Wild fire by Laura Marling. Wild fire is a beautiful portrait of a young but complex relationship. It’s about seeing a darker side of the person (I think your mama’s kinda sad, and your papa’s kinda mean, you can stop playing it out on me) and thinking about how others see you (Wouldn’t you die to know how you’re seen? Are you getting away with who you’re trying to be?).

This summer it’s Trouble by Cage the elephant. We would hear it all the time on the radio in California, while driving down road 99 to Fresno. Ramon told me not to listen to it a lot, because that would ruin the song. He never wants to listen to any of his favourite songs, but when Trouble came on the radio he would always turned the sound up. It became our song. A song that will forever remind me of our trip to California and how grateful we were to visit his family.

Songs are like tastes and smells. They instantly bring back memories of specific times and you can go back to them any time. Like magic.

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