What happened in July + plans for august


July was a sweaty. I don’t think I have ever had to endure warmer weather in Belgium. Or the Netherlands for that matter. We don’t have air conditioning in our old apartment and at times it was simply unbearable.

I decided to leave Belgium behind for a bit and go to Friesland, where the wind cools down everything. I spend 3 wonderful days with my dear friends. We went to a festival in Leeuwarden called Welcome to the village.
The music kinda sucked but the venue and the food was great. It had been a while since we got the chance to sit down together, drink a glass of wine and really talk.

Talking about growing up and getting older, new careers and old friends. We laughed a lot and even cried a little. And those days make me so grateful for my three best friends. We don’t speak every day and sometimes I don’t see them for months, but when we are together it’s like nothing changed. These friendships have been the easiest in my life so far.

After that trip with my friends and some days with my family, I went back to Belgium to continue to look for a new job. After many job interviews I finally got a job as a copywriter at a great company!

July was the month of watching crime documentaries on Netflix, writing 20+ letters of application trying to get a job, listening to Fleetwood Mac, eating ice-cream, spending quality time with friends and family and most of all relaxing, reflecting and thinking about what it is I want and need.

Plans for August

We booked a trip to California to visit my husband’s family and friends. We are leaving on the last day of august for 2 weeks. It has been so long since I got to go and see his sisters. So long since we saw the beautiful mountains in Yosemite. Or the old sequoia trees. Or ate a burger at In’n Out.

Before we are going to California, I will be working in August at my new job. It’s exciting but also kinda terrifying. But with hard work and determination I know I will get quite far.

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