24 random things about me

I started this blog a couple of months ago and I never really introduced myself. If you have been looking around here for a bit and reading some of my blog posts, then you might be wondering who I am. Here are 24 little things about me in no particular order.

  1. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, in a tiny village in the province of Friesland. I moved to Belgium where I lived for 4 years in the university town Leuven. In November of 2018 I moved back to the Netherlands (Drenthe).
  2. I am 27 years old,  was born the 21st of April in 1991.
  3. I speak three languages well: Dutch, English and Frisian. I am learning to speak Spanish and German.
  4. I like buying little notebooks but I don`t use 99% of them.
  5. My favorite board game is called the settlers of Catan. Everybody should play this.
  6. I love avocados and I make the best guacamole in the world Holland.
  7. My favorite poet is Warsan Shire. My favorite philosopher is Slavoj Zizek.
  8. My husband Ramon and I met 3,5 years ago. We got married 2 years ago. I met him while I was traveling in California as a backpacker and I was trying not to fall in love with anybody. Now he lives with me in Europe.
  9. My favorite TV show ever is Game of Thrones. No competition.
  10. I have very vivid and strange dreams and I almost always remember them when I wake up in the morning.
  11. I have 3 tattoos. A dreamcatcher on my back, a flower on my arm and  a tree with a fox (from le petit prince).
  12. I am 187 cm/6.2 ft tall. I am a giant.
  13. My favorite food is sushi and Dim Sum.
  14. In college I studied in Hong Kong during an exchange program. I lived in the middle of the city and it was absolutely crazy and I would recommend it to anybody.
  15. I play guitar and I like to sing. I drive my colleagues and my friends insane by singing all day.
  16. When Ramon and I were in a long distance relationship (California – Belgium) we used to Skype every day for at least an hour. I would wake up every morning at 6 to sit behind my computer and talk to this guy.
  17. I love Belgian beer.
  18. I like music with great lyrics. My favourite songwriters are Laura Marling, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.
  19. I like playing videogames. My favourites are Spyro the dragon and The long dark.
  20. The only pets I really like are dogs. I don’t like cats.
  21. I spend a lot of time watching Youtube.
  22. I talk too much and say what’s on my mind.
  23. Some people say that I look like a very calm and relaxed person from the outside. The truth is that I am actually a very anxious person a lot of the times.
  24. The most beautiful place I have ever visited was the Yosemite national park in California.

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